Lone Star By Olive Booger

This was my first trade last year, I sent a fellow by the name Olive Booger a print and my first zine which was entitled “Artifact” and he sent me these two photozines.  “Lone Star” is comprised of photos taken around Houston and San Antonio Texas in 2008.  The second book is called “Hiking Saftey Tips” and is nearly identical in style and design but the photos are from Arizona in 2014.  I felt bad because his zines were far better then the one I had sent, plus he threw in a little sticker.

The zines are both photocopied and put together very well.  Olive was just visiting the areas but his photographs are the exact opposite of the usual tourist snapshots.  The photos in both books show the keen observations of a person taking in a foreign culture.


Unbridled Enthusiasm Vol 1 No 2

Fake Lomography

Back when I shot film I almost bought one of those toy cameras several times but always talked myself out of it.  If I had one it would be collecting dust somewhere.  Lomography is something I find kind of interesting, I like the randomness of the images, the spontaneity and all that.  I’ve been interested in exploring analog effects in Photoshop and looked through my archives for pictures that I believed could be made more interesting if they were “lomographied.”

The second edition of Unbridled Enthusiasm is a collection of some of these photos.  As usual it will be limited to 50 copies and signed.  It’s currently available for trade, so comment if you’d like to arrange a trade.


Unbridled Enthusiasm Vol 1 No 1

This is an 8 page photozine that I make a couple times a month.  This first issue features a trip my wife and I took to Branson MO in 2008.  We were both a bit let down by the area, though I’m not sure what we were expecting, it is the Las Vegas of the Midwest.  Anyway, the zine is available for trade so just comment if you’re interested.


What Is a Photozine

I’ve always enjoyed photography, printing and the idea of publishing.  In the mid 90s I became interested in underground newspapers and zines, but when I tried to write one I realized I didn’t have that many “underground ideas.”  I was primarily full of ideas for a literary arts type zine but never got it off the ground.

So now with internet and social media I think we take images for granted, we look at them for a few seconds then click thumbs up and move on.  I have 31,000 digital photos on my hard drive, at any second a mechanical failure could wipe them out of existence.  It’s strange to imagine that this big part of my life doesn’t physically exist.

I’m not sure when I first saw the idea of a photozine but the idea immediately clicked with me.  I like the DIY ethos of zine makers and the fact that in a photozine the photography speaks for its self.  I’m interested in collecting and cataloging photozines as well as making my own.

So in my mind a photozine is a handmade collection of photographs with a minimal amount of text.  It’s probably softbound, probably black and white, probably printed on a laser printer and saddle stapled.  They could be more professionally printed and still be a zine.

A Photobook is more or less the same thing as a photozine, just longer and with more professional production.