What Is a Photozine

I’ve always enjoyed photography, printing and the idea of publishing.  In the mid 90s I became interested in underground newspapers and zines, but when I tried to write one I realized I didn’t have that many “underground ideas.”  I was primarily full of ideas for a literary arts type zine but never got it off the ground.

So now with internet and social media I think we take images for granted, we look at them for a few seconds then click thumbs up and move on.  I have 31,000 digital photos on my hard drive, at any second a mechanical failure could wipe them out of existence.  It’s strange to imagine that this big part of my life doesn’t physically exist.

I’m not sure when I first saw the idea of a photozine but the idea immediately clicked with me.  I like the DIY ethos of zine makers and the fact that in a photozine the photography speaks for its self.  I’m interested in collecting and cataloging photozines as well as making my own.

So in my mind a photozine is a handmade collection of photographs with a minimal amount of text.  It’s probably softbound, probably black and white, probably printed on a laser printer and saddle stapled.  They could be more professionally printed and still be a zine.

A Photobook is more or less the same thing as a photozine, just longer and with more professional production.


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