Applicant Trade with Blythe

I recently contacted Blythe through and arranged to trade some of my zine’s for a copy of “Applicant” by Jesse Reklaw.  I sent her my the 4 zines I’ve recently completed, Branson Sucks, Fake Lomography, Fields and Rural Route Four.  I sent so many zines because Applicant is a very nice zine made by a professional publishing company but also I just wanted to send out all my zines.


Blythe created a really cool envelope for Applicant printed with the Cincanatti skyline and with little stickers spelling out Applicant, in some ways I like the envelope better than the book.  She also included a couple postcards from Microcosom publishing, a sticker and hand written note.

So Applicant was a handmade zine that Jesse created when he found a bunch of old application files for students looking to earn Ph.D. in biology at an Ivy league university.  He pulled their photographs and unflattering quotes about them and constructed a small zine.


It’s very funny, and very telling about the way that we are judged.  I was especially amused by the highbrow “doctoral” language used, like how often have you looked at someone and said, “There’s a real dillettante.”  I’m also a bit put off by the publishing of this work, these are real people, these are confidential files, and while no names are used and these people probably couldn’t even be recogonized from their photos I’m still find this zine a bit dubious.  I don’t think I would have published it, but I got a kick of out reading it, so I guess I can’t be too judgmental.

Thanks for the trade Blythe!


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