My Zines

Here are the zines and photobooks I have produced in order of production.

Shawnee Spring

A collection of photographs taken during Spring in the Shawnee National Forest




2015 20 pages

A zine about photography, I intended to make it a series but didn’t.


Rural Route Four 2015
2015 13 page
A photobook with images I took while working as a rural mail carrier.


2016 24 pages

A collection of photographs taken in fields, graveyards and cemeteries.


Unbridled Enthusiasm #1 Branson Sucks

June 2017 8 pages

The first one sheet microzine I made.



Unbridled Enthusiasm #2 Fake Lomography

July 2017 8 pages

8 images heavily filtered for fake lomography look.



Rural Route 4 Annotated Edition & Deluxe Annotated Edition 

July 2017 24 pages

Collection of images and some of my thoughts about working as a Rural Mail Carrier.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUnbridled Enthusiasm #3

July 2017 24 pages

A perzine, the journal of Matt Gholson.